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Additional Resources

We're so glad that you are joining us for InsideOut! Below are some additional resources that are recommended by members of the conference planning team. Each item is linked so that you can purchase or view. If you would like to study the topic of self-care further, this list is a great place to start.

Featured Resources:








Journey of the Soul, edited by Tim Sumerlin

Many of us have spent too much time in our lives burned out and tired of the Christian walk. We don't leave our faith, because we love God and others, but we find it difficult to remain zealous and energized to serve him as we did before. Some of this may be due to simply growing older and physically not being able to maintain our previous schedules, but much of it can be spiritual in nature. The answers often lie within.

     Without balance and a proper orientation in trusting God to work, we can experience a fatigue that is faith damaging. We tire physically and spiritually, and our love for God may grow cold (Matthew 24:12). But God is an expert at healing hearts and bringing life to the dead (Ezekiel 11:19, 36:26), and this ministry of healing continues to this day with his Son, Jesus. The topics covered in this book will help you find rest in God. The men and women (therapists, ministers, counselors, teachers, and scholars) who authored these essays are often at the forefront of change in our churches.

     Our hope and prayer are that your time in this book will allow you space, knowledge, and encouragement to find approaches that help you to connect with God, follow Jesus, and listen to the Holy Spirit in refreshing and life-giving ways. Learn from writers like:

  • Timothy Sumerlin

  • Byron Parson

  • G. Steve Kinnard

  • Joel Peed

  • Shane Engle

  • Tracy Jones

  • Jennifer Konzen

  • Diana Steer

  • LaShell Pope

  • Robert Carrillo

  • Sean St. Jean

  • Denice C. MacKenzie

  • Glenn Giles
















The Well Behavioral Health

We are looking for clinicians and coaches in every state and see if there is interest in getting referrals that we receive per state and specialty.  We get hundreds of requests from every state we would love to refer them to their practice.  All clinicians and coaches work as 1099 contractors at a great rate.  We would love to connect Christians with Christian counselors and coaches.  We also have the ability to provide supervision for provisional clinicians in Social work, Mental health, and MFTs.  Pay is competitive and we are looking for full-time and part-time coaches and clinicians.

Additional Resources:

WEBSITE: GCC Alaska Retreat Prep

Tracy Jones's Christian Meditation Channel on Youtube

Invitation to Retreat: The Gift and Necessity of Time Away with God by Ruth Haley Barton

Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God's Transforming Presence by Ruth Haley Barton

Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation by Ruth Haley Barton

Sabbath Season: A Call to Rest by Nichola Brown

The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath by Mark Buchanan

Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World by A.J. Swoboda

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: How to stay emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world by John Mark Comer

Bible Meditation and Mindfulness by Virginia Lefler

The Way of the Heart: Connecting with God Through Prayer, Wisdom, and Silence by Henri J.M. Nouwen

An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor

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