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Learn how to encourage self-care to improve the mental health of those in your ministry. Classes in this track are intended for those who serve on church staff (both paid and unpaid), church elders, and those who lead recovery groups.

Please adjust for your own time zone accordingly.

Church Hurts: Discovering Emotional and Biblical Pathways for Healing

9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

Cesar Lopez and Jennifer Lopez, MA, LPCC

When we experience conflict or hurt in church, we are often unsure how to heal, repair relationships and/or to help others heal.  Oftentimes, we find ourselves and/or those we lead avoiding the issues altogether or moving away, hoping not to encounter the person we/they feel hurt by.  Perhaps there is anger and bitterness that is difficult to let go of.  This class aims to explore emotional and biblical pathways that may help facilitate healing in your relationships and to equip those we lead in their healing journey.

Healthy Boundaries: Establish Healthy Boundaries with Your Family and Congregation to Promote Happiness and Prevent Burnout

10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Dr. Gregg Marutzky, PhD and Cathy Marutzky, LPCC, NCC

This class will discuss specific challenges unique to anyone serving the church whether in
fulltime ministry or in a voluntary basis. We will discuss how setting boundaries with the
people you work with and serve will promote happiness and prevent feelings of burnout and
resentment. We will also talk about how to declutter your mind at the end of each day and
offer stress management techniques.

The Effects of Unprocessed Grief to a Leader: Steps to Processing Personal Grief While Helping Others

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Mike Pope and LaShell Pope, MA, LMFT

Processing Personal Grief & Loss While Helping Others grieve.

Who comforts the Pastor when they grieve? One of the roles of a Pastor or Elder is to provide comfort when their members are dealing with grief and loss. However, who do they go to when dealing with grief and loss? How have Pastors or Elders dealt with the challenges we have all experienced over the last two years of providing comfort and support to members in their congregations while simultaneously trying to process their own? This class will explore 1) How to embrace healthy grief, 2) The effects of unprocessed grief 3) Practical steps for Pastors and Elders on how to identify and process their grief.

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