Frequently Asked Questions

When is the conference?

The conference will take place online on Friday, October 1st and Saturday, October 2nd, 2021.

Is it possible for me to attend the conference in person?

Because of COVID-19, we have made the decision to hold InsideOut in an online-only format this year. We are hopeful that in future years, we will be able to return to an in-person format again.

What is the difference between the Clinician/Professional registration and the General Registration?

The Clinician/Professional registration will grant you access to ALL conference content. If you register as a Clinician/Professional, you will have access to our Friday morning and afternoon Clinician classes, all Saturday classes, and all General Sessions on both Friday and Saturday. If you register using General Registration, you will have access to all Saturday classes, as well as the General Sessions on both Friday and Saturday.

If I register, will I have access to the recordings later?

YES! All registrants will have access to the class and general session recordings at a later date, following the conference.

The classes I'm interested in have intended audiences that are different than my current church/professional role. Is it OK for me to attend?

Absolutely! We have provided the intended audience for each class so that you know walking in who will get the most out of the material presented. That said, we know there is sometimes crossover in what content will benefit these different groups. You are free to choose the classes that interest you the most. The exception to this is the Friday morning and afternoon classes, which of course are only accessible to those who complete the Clinician/Professional registration.

I have an idea for a class OR I would like to be a presenter for this conference...

We appreciate your enthusiasm for InsideOut! However, at this time our class roster and speaker list are full. If you would be interested in being considered as a speaker for future conferences, please do reach out to us: We are compiling a list of qualified speakers and will be happy to chat with you about your experience.

What time zone is the conference taking place in?

Please note that all times listed are PACIFIC DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time; please adjust the times listed for your time zone accordingly.

What platform is being used for this conference? What equipment do I need?

All classes and breakout sessions will take place using Zoom. For the best experience, we highly recommend attending InsideOut using either a laptop or desktop, however mobile devices will work, too.

If I want to watch the conference with a friend, is it OK us to purchase one registration to watch together?

Yes, the registration fee is per device, not per person. However, please keep in mind that doing this will also mean you will have to agree on which breakout classes to attend together. This is fine if you are interested in the same topics, but if you are not, we would recommend purchasing separate registrations.

What do the blue, orange, and green dots mean on the track pages?

The dots on the various tracks signify the audience each class is intended for:

  • Blue dots signify the class is for clinicians/mental health professionals (or students of mental health).
  • Orange dots signify the class is intended for those involved in ministry or pastoral care. Specifically, these classes are for those who serve in full-time or part-time ministry, and also church elders.
  • Green dots signify the class is intended for either group facilitators or average church members.
In a couple cases, one class is intended for two different audiences. These are noted by a half orange/half green dot.

I am interested in gaining CE's/CEU's for attending the Clinician/Professional classes. Is this included in the Clinician registration?

No. Those who are interested in receiving CE/CEU credit for these classes must pay an additional one-time fee of $20. This can be done by checking the appropriate line-item on the registration page. Click the yellow "Register Now" button at the top of any site page to access our registration.

If you decide after you register that you would like to take advantage of the CE/CEU credit option, no worries! Assuming you have completed the Clinician/Professional registration, you can revisit the registration page to add on the CE/CEU option anytime up to the day of the conference.
Additional information about CE/CEU credits can be found here.

I have another question not answered here....

We'd love to talk to you! Email us at