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Dr. Ajab Amin

Dr. Ajabeyang Amin is a licensed psychologist, Christian counselor, and writer. She obtained her doctorate (PsyD) in Counseling Psychology from Northwest University, and her Master’s in Public Health from University of Michigan. She has worked therapeutically with adolescents and adults in college campuses, Christian community centers, and geriatric rehab facilities. She founded African Mind Healer, where she currently sees adults for counseling in Philadelphia, PA. She also blogs on mental health, culture, and faith providing resources for mental and emotional problems. She is part of the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ’s singles ministry.

Spiritual Conversations With Clients: Why They Are Important And How To Have Them

The class will address research on the importance of spirituality when healing the whole person. It will focus on the Christian faith in particular, the need for Christian counselors, how Christian practices improve mental health, some questions regarding faith to include on your intake, and how to discuss Christianity to Christian and non-Christian clients who are open.

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