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Dr. Michael Shapiro

Dr. Michael Shapiro currently serves as the Director of Behavioral Medicine at Duke Medical School’s Southern Regional Area Health Education Center, where he helps train young physicians and provides patient care through the Family Medicine Clinic. He has lectured extensively–both domestically and abroad–on topics related to child psychology, parenting, marriage, adoption and mental health issues in a Christian context.

Integrating the Biopsychosocial-spiritual Model into Treatment and Perception

The BPSS model has a fairly long (but rarely used and not strongly evidence-based) history in the treatment of mental health issues. In the past, the church has focused on the spiritual, to the exclusion of the other three. Traditional western (but certainly not Eastern) medicine has focused on the biological, and the science of psychology has claimed the remaining two. To deal effectively with mental health conditions, each dimension must be addressed. A brief history of this model will be outlined, followed by practical keys on how to use the model to view mental illness (from the patient standpoint), and how to address each facet during treatment (from the provider standpoint).

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