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Dr. Tracy Jones

Dr. Jones has been a disciple since 1996, a mental health counselor since 1997 and has her Doctoral Degree from Liberty University. Her research area includes the use of Christian meditation as clinical intervention. She has provided mental health workshops for churches, presented at conferences, published research, worked as a clinician, clinical director as well as an adjunct professor. She is a member of the leadership team at CrossPoint Clinical Services in MA. Tracy is married and has 4 children.

Getting Beyond Repairing and Moving Toward Making New: The Power of Jesus in Promoting Psychological Wellness

Jesus is the ultimate embodiment of the integration of psychology and theology. He was able to hold physical and spiritual truths together in perfect harmony and offered a path to complete healing. This class will address understanding the relationship between accessing psychological assistance and leaning into Biblical resources to help oneself and others grow in psychological and spiritual wellness.

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