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Claudia Kidd, LMFT

Claudia I. Kidd is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and received a M.S. from Boston University and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. She has spent several years working with birth, foster and adoptive parents within the child welfare system. She currently works as a clinician with CrossPoint Counseling Services. Claudia has been a disciple for 32 years and enjoys using the word of God to help individuals, couples and families grow.

Trauma Basics through an Integrative Lens

The concept of trauma has become a part of our everyday existence. It is something that is spoken about in the grocery stores, at schools, at home, at church and in social media, yet there is limited knowledge about what it really means. It is also hard to grasp how this concept fits into a scriptural context and how we should understand trauma as Christians. This class will look at understanding trauma basics through the integrative lens of counseling and the scriptures.

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