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Dr. Kareema Gray

Dr. Gray currently holds the position of Associate Professor of Social Work and serves as the Department Chair and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program Director in the Department of Social Work at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina. She received both her Ph.D. and her master’s degrees in social work from The University of Georgia in Athens, GA. Her undergraduate degree in biology was completed at Lafayette College in Easton, PA.

Dr. Gray’s research interests include projects that examine the effectiveness of community initiatives to alleviate poverty, international disaster case management and disaster response, social work in sports, and a variety of social justice and social advocacy issues. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees at her alma mater – The Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont, PA. Dr. Gray also serves as an executive board member for Dedication 2 Communities in Charlotte, NC which addresses community relationships with local law enforcement. Dr. Gray is a part of the Charlotte Church of Christ’s Singles Ministry.

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