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Christian Smith, LICSW

Born and raised in Springfield, Ma and converted at UMass Amherst, Christian Smith is a true native of the Pioneer Valley. He has been a member of the Pioneer Valley Church of Christ for 27 years. Upon graduating from UMass in 1998 Christian worked in ministry in different capacities and roles. He served full time in the campus ministry before transitioning into youth and family ministry and pursuing a Masters in Social Work. Since then Christian has served in the teaching ministry and has served as a Deacon, with his wife Ja'Net leading the Children’s Ministry. Christian is employed as a Psychotherapist at the UMass Amherst Center for Counseling and Psychological Health where he specializes in ADHD coaching, and Social Justice Clinical Practice. He also recently opened his own practice, Forward Progress Counseling and Consultation where he functions as a therapist and trainer in Motivational Interviewing. Christian has been a member of MINT, the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, since 2012.

"What is my Motivation?“ Four Insights Psychology Provides for Us About Human Engagement

Christians believe that humans are God's design; created to serve Him. Our service to God can bring us joy and fulfillment like nothing else. In our walk we can also experience pain and hardship that leaves us with fear and doubt. At times we may have even asked; What, Why and/or How do I DO this? Whether we wonder for ourselves or seek to walk with others on their journey, it is important for us to better understand what God and Psychology can teach us about staying engaged in our Life’s purpose; to Serve the Lord our God.

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