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Glenn Petruzzi, LPC

Glenn is grateful that 25 years ago Jesus called me to be his disciple, and also has graciously gave him the ability to be a part of the transformational process in other people's lives. Glenn has served for 23 years as an Evangelist and currently leads a region in the Boston Church. He is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, practicing for over 15 years. Glenn is the co-founder of The Well Behavioral Health, a nationwide telehealth company that connects professional Christian counselors and coaches with Christians who need counseling and coaching, and a company called The Bridge that connects Christians with online courses from experts in their fields. Glenn has been married for over two decades to his best friend and has three zealous boys!

Sozo: God's Desire to Save and to Heal and the Clinical Stages of Healing

The word for save or saved in the Bible is "sozo" which is a much more rich word than how we understand being saved. It means to heal, save, make whole, be restored, be delivered, and or preserved. As clinicians, we are instruments of the maker in the salvation process. Jesus healed many before he saved them. In many ways, people need to be healed before they come to Christ. In this class, we will understand how the empirical clinical stages of healing integrate with the biblical view of salvation. We will also be encouraged how we as counselors like John the Baptist all prepare the way for the Lord!

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