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WDS Virtual Gift Basket

Thank you for attending the World Discipleship Summit. As promised, here is your Virtual Gift Basket! All items tie into the theme of self care. If you enjoy these items, please consider also joining us for the Christian Counseling Conference in October. 

Beck Richard_edited.jpg

Dr. Richard Beck

Beyond Self Esteem: The Journey From Shame to Grace

Dr. Jennifer Konzen, Psy.D_

Dr. Jennifer Konzen

The Importance of Self-Care

DR RYAN ERBE - 8x10_edited.jpg

Dr. Ryan Erbe

Guided Mediation on Gratitude

Tim Sumerlin_edited.jpg

Dr. Timothy Sumerlin

Exclusive discount on Tim's book, Journey of the Soul. Discount applied on the checkout screen.

jones tracy_edited.jpg

Dr. Tracy Jones - Series of Guided Meditations

Breathing Exercise

Jesus Prayer Meditation

Body Scan Exercise

Releasing of Shame Meditation

Scriptural Truth Meditation

Wisdom of Accepted Tenderness Meditation

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