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Glenn Petruzzi

I am grateful that 25 years ago Jesus called me to be his disciple. Ever since then it has been a wonderful adventure. He transformed me and is continuing to transform me. He also has graciously given me the ability to be a part of the transformational process in other people's lives. I guess you can say I have been 'transforming business'. I have served for 22 years as an evangelist in his kingdom. I am also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been practicing for over 15 years. Jesus was a healer. And as Christians, we are all meant to heal and be used to heal others. I have been married for over two decades to my best friend and have three zealous boys! I currently lead a region in the Boston Church and am the co-founder of The Well Behavioral Health, a nationwide telehealth company that connects professional Christian counselors and coaches with Christians who need counseling and coaching, and a company called The Bridge that connects Christians with online courses from experts in their fields.

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